Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yikes, do you have a pinterest account and love everything?  I do.  I have found tons of cute little girl skirts, fabulous scrapbook layouts, my dream home, and tons of quilt patterns.  Well, in all of the pinning I have done, I have decided, it is time to start making something that I have pinned!  In reading a blog today,  I discovered that I need to start bookmarking and making note of where I find things.  In the blog www.every-little-day.blogspot.com, I found a link of 25 different cute skirts - dated 8-27-2011.

Well, I would like to make some of these skirts, so I need to start printing out instructions on how to make them.  I am going to the quilting store in a week and need measurements for all of the fabric.  Looks like I am going to be pretty busy!


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  1. love them all, but don't think my boys would wear them.