Saturday, February 28, 2009

12 Layouts from the book Imagine (CTMH)

On Wednesday, I was on the Close To My Heart corporate bulletin boards. I saw a post, by L. Crawford, A Dozen Imagine Layouts with 1 Paper Pack. (one of Close To My Hearts layout books) So I decided to test it. It pretty much worked! There is a couple of layouts that only 2 small pieces of paper on them. But mostly I liked what I made. I was not overly fond of the Key to My Heart Paper Pack and I had 4, so I decided to use that paper pack. I love most of what I created! There was one layout that just didn't quite have enough, so I added more paper than what was called for. I hope enjoy!! So, here are the layouts. I of course still need to add pictures, stamps and some other embellishments, but I am so excited that I got all of this done.

Personality Presence

This was supposed to be Stars Above, but I added quite a bit more paper.

Supporting Casts

Creative Team
Role Play
Follow the Lead
Small Packages

Pinewood Derby the Race - Bakugan Brawler #24

We arrived at the Pinewood Derby, just before 9 this morning. We left at around noon. We had a good time and learned some lessons for next year - watch out!!! Caleb came in 4th place out of about 10 cars. There was actually a race off for 3rd place. Oh, so close... oh well, next year!! Caleb did however win two trophies, he came in 1st place for Most Unusual and 2nd place for Most Humorous!!!
Caleb sitting and waiting patiently for the Tiger's to race.

Caleb's first race.

2nd place

3rd Race

1st Place

Race off!

Den 4 Tigers - Pinewood Derby 2009

There are 2 Tiger Dens.

Pinewood Derby Pre Race - Bakugan Brawler #24

Last night we dropped off Caleb's car. Ready for the Pinewood Derby, today. Here are some photos.

Measuring to make sure the car is of correct length.

Weighing to make sure the car is of correct weight, the cars can't be over 5 pounds.

Two of Calebs older friends, Ryan and Sam - Caleb thinks they are the heat!!!

Practice run with Ryan and Sam

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March Scrap/Card club!!

March’s Club will be March 28th , from 6:30 pm until ? or Wednesday, March 25th or Thursday March 26th at 9 am. It is a prepay club with money due March 11, 2009, so I can order and receive the products needed.

You can either make cards or scrapbook pages.

If you are interested in joining my club either by coming to my house or via mail, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you!!!

In March we will be using the Stardust paper pack!!


Don't forget to check out my website beginning March 1 at 10 am. Corporate is supposed to release the stamp sets that will be at a discounted price.

Happy shopping.

Baby's First Year Calendar

Here is the Baby's first year calendar that I have made for my sister. When baby Peyton shows her face, I will put in the days. We are hoping for a May birth! Actually, I am sure, my sister is hoping for April, but you know. I used two of the More to Adore Paper Pack, My Stickease, and some brads ribbons and a few stamps!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Scrap and Card Club - Cards

I have to admit, when I cut the paper for these cards and layed them out, I did not like them. I actually did that about a month ago. I have not touched the cards since. Tonight I had no choice but to put them together and get them finished. I love my cards!! I am so excited that I finished them, added some ink and embellishments.

I used the Emporium paper pack, ink colors: vineyard berry, cocoa, sweet leaf, and crystal blue, stamp sets: C1257 Happy Birthday, W329 Dream Big, C1350 Dainty Thoughts, and D1187 For Every Occasion. I also used pewter brads, colonial white crossgrain ribbon and colonial white ric rac, and Pewter Designer Brads.

Pinewood Derby Ready to Race - Bakugan Brawler #24

Here are the pictures of the Bakugan Brawler #24. Watch out Jeff Gordon! Tim and the boys took the block of wood Saturday to get it cut. Then the rest of the weekend, Caleb and I worked on painting it, green with a black racing stripe. It was a great bonding experience, with Caleb and I. I will let you know the winnings!! Caleb's car is ready - we have practiced racing it and it seems pretty straight to us!! Wish us luck - the race is next weekend.

This weekend, however, I will be in OK for my sisters baby shower. After the shower, I will post more pictures from her calendar. I am very proud of my work. Sorry to brag!!! hee hee!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines for my Children

These are the Valentine's that I made for the kids. They made Valentine's for me this morning. I totally cracked up, because they used my personal stamp on the back of theirs. I am waiting for my "made by me" stamp set!

Stamp set that I used - B1321 Reach for the Stars, B1309 Fun Times, C1260 Little Girls (retired), B1320 Adoration, and D1269 February Word Puzzle. Ink colors are: Moonstruck, Topiary, Honey, Blush, Black, and Clover Meadow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day Cards for the kids Teachers

These are the Valentines Day cards that I made for the kids teachers. I used all Close To My Heart Products. I used Daydream, More To Adore, and That's Amore Paper packs. February Word Puzzle, Cupcake Sprinkles and Adoration stamp sets. Chocolate, Hollyhock, Blush, Creme Brulee, and Lilac Mist inks. I also added some twill, chocolate, brads, clear sparkles, prisma glitter, and liquid ink.

I had so much fun making these cards. It makes me want to spend every waking moment scrapbooking and using my papers. It also makes me want to purchase multiple packs of each of the papers!!! Shh, don't tell my husband!!! :]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines Gifts

I decided to try my hand at some cute little Valentines Day gifts for the kids teachers. Since my children eat PB&J almost every day, getting enough of these jars, was not a problem.

I used That's Amore paper pack, D1336 cupcake sprinkles, D1269 February Word Puzzle, stamp sets, blush ricrac, cocoa crossgrain ribbon, blush, tulip and chocolate inks. All from Close to my Heart.

If you would like to purchase any of the products listed above, check out my website.

I am going to fill the jars with yummy candies!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

100 Days

Caleb's 100 Days project. We worked on the project for several hours. I loved creating with him and using so many of my stamps that I had not used yet!!

20 cotton balls for clouds, 15 fish, 2 turtles, 2 frogs, 2 flies, 2 crocadiles, 5 trees, 2 zebras, 2 tigers, 2 lions, 2 elephants, 2 giraffes, 2 bears, 2 monkeys, 4 sloths, 4 eggs, 11 flowers, 2 owls, 12 birds, 4 airplanes. We actually miscounted and I think we have an extra bird. Then of course, the lake and the sun....but it was a lot of fun working with Caleb. Just me and him. Kylie was napping and Cameron and Tim went to Sams.

Today, I went to a friends house and made a necklace and bracelet. I love them. The necklace is all silver and the necklace is all fun bright colors. Love it!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Close To My Heart 40% Sale

Hello, I updated the original post tonight of the items that are on sale. So, if there is something that you want, purchase it soon. Supplies are going fast!!!