Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Scrap and Card Club - Cards

I have to admit, when I cut the paper for these cards and layed them out, I did not like them. I actually did that about a month ago. I have not touched the cards since. Tonight I had no choice but to put them together and get them finished. I love my cards!! I am so excited that I finished them, added some ink and embellishments.

I used the Emporium paper pack, ink colors: vineyard berry, cocoa, sweet leaf, and crystal blue, stamp sets: C1257 Happy Birthday, W329 Dream Big, C1350 Dainty Thoughts, and D1187 For Every Occasion. I also used pewter brads, colonial white crossgrain ribbon and colonial white ric rac, and Pewter Designer Brads.

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  1. Elissa, I can show you how at the next scrapbook meeting. I've got a blog for the family and have been figuring these things out as I go as well. Or I can tell you after school one day. Amanda Kobs