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Studio J FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions about Studio J®

Studio is free online scrapbooking design software brought to you by Close To My Heart. Studio J helps you easily create two-page layouts using our foundational scrapbook patterns, exclusive color palette, and themed designs all delivered in 12" × 12" custom prints ready for your albums. Here are some answers to questions frequently asked about Studio J. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us for more information.

  1. What makes scrapbooking with Studio J unique?
    Studio J uses the same great papers, patterns, colors, and embellishments as classic Close To My Heart scrapbooking, making studio scrapbooking extremely intuitive and super fun! Timeless patterns and artistically placed default accents allow you to finish a page in minutes, while customization options give you the flexibility to make your layouts unique. All the layout patterns are created by Jeanette Lynton, founder and CEO of Close To My Heart—you may recognize some of them from her classic how-to books. These patterns make scrapbooking faster, simpler, and easier than ever before. You’ll be amazed how effortlessly and beautifully you preserve your memories with Studio J!

    If you are also interested in our classic products such as My Acrylix® stamps, B&T Duos® paper, or embellishments, or in learning more about our scrapbooking and stamping philosophy, please visit the Close To My Heart website..
  2. Do I need to download any software to my computer to use Studio J?
    Not at all! You only need a web browser that supports Adobe Flash (how do I download Flash?) and an Internet connection, and then you simply log in to your Consultant’s MyCTMH® website or to get started. Feel free to design to your heart’s content—you are not required to buy anything or provide any personal information to get started! To purchase or save layouts, however, you will need to create an online account.
  3. Once I create an account on Studio J, can I share it with my friends and family?
    No. For your protection, your account cannot be accessed at the same time by two different machines, nor can two separate accounts be open on the same computer at the same time. Since creating a Studio J account is free of charge, all users may create their own accounts so each can create in Studio J at his or her convenience.
  4. Can I save what I am working on and come back to it later?
    You bet! You can create a customer account that allows you to save and return to a project in progress at a later time. Your active projects will be saved for up to 90 days, giving you plenty of time to work on them. You extend that timeline for your active projects by 90 days each time you make a purchase, and your purchased projects will remain archived for one full year after purchase. We’ll email you when your active projects are set to expire so you can be sure to purchase them before they are deleted. You can upgrade the storage time of your active projects by becoming a Studio J member; see Products & Pricing for more details.
  5. How can I find out more about the products and purchasing options available on Studio J?
    Studio J offers a range of purchasing options to fit your needs. Become a Studio J member to get our best pricing and tons of exclusive perks, purchase a 5-pack to try out Studio J for the first time and receive great savings, or order custom prints a la carte at full retail price. To find out more about Studio J products and pricing, go to.
  6. Do I need a Consultant in order to use Studio J?
    When you create an account, you will be asked to select a Consultant, but you can also choose to shop anonymously. In this case, you will receive a Consultant’s contact information in case you need customer service, but the Consultant will not receive any of your personal information.
  7. Do I need a printer that can print 12" × 12" pages to use Studio J?
    No. Your Studio J layouts are not available for you to print from a home computer unless you decide to become a Studio J member. In fact, we take care of the printing for you. When you purchase your designed layouts, we print and ship them quickly and directly to you using only top-quality silver-halide processing and archival papers.
  8. What kind of printing or processing is used when I purchase Studio J layouts?
    Studio J layouts are processed, not printed, using a silver-halide process considered the highest standard in the photo developing industry. Unlike printed papers or images you might print from a home photo printer, the silver-halide process yields “100-year+ quality” that has long been tested and used by the top photo labs in the world. We use the same papers and equipment used by leading labs to produce long-lasting photo prints, so you know your layout will be reproduced with high fidelity and will last throughout the years.
  9. Can I order classic products and Studio J layouts and have it ship to me in one shipment?
    Studio J orders cannot be combined with any other type of order. Studio J layouts are processed and shipped separately from all other Close To My Heart products, with the exception of Memory Protectors® included with certain qualifying orders.
  10. What kind of receipt do I receive when I place my order?
    When you place your order, you will be directed to a printable receipt page. You will not receive an email receipt at this time; however, if you are shipping to the continental United States or Canada, you will receive an email notification sent from FedEx or Landmark when the order is shipped.
  11. What if I don’t like my layouts when I receive them?
    All Studio J products are backed by the Close To My Heart guarantee, but user error is not covered by this guarantee. When you are ready to purchase your layouts, you will be asked to look at them again and give final approval. Projects that print as shown on the approval screen will not be eligible for returns. When there is a manufacturer’s defect, however, we will be happy to replace your layout. See the Studio J terms and conditions for more information on our return policy.

  12. Memberships

  13. What benefits do I receive if I sign up for a Studio J membership?
    Becoming a Studio J member is the perfect way to catch up on all of your scrapbooking while also getting access to exclusive content that will give you even more artistic options and flexibility. Studio J members have access to exclusive, members-only kits and patterns, allowing for even more creativity. On top of that, members get our best pricing of 50% off retail price—that works out to be just $3.25 US / $3.75 CAN per page. It’s one of the best deals around!

    One of the best reasons to become a Studio J member is your exclusive access to high-resolution printable JPG files as well as low-res files perfect for emailing or posting on blogs or Facebook. Members also get free Memory Protectors® for each custom-printed two-page layout, as well as free shipping and handling on their monthly order (4 to 20 layouts in the continental US, 7 to 20 layouts in the non-continental US and Canada). With all of that, members still get exclusive promotions and deals throughout their membership!

    To sum up, when you become a Studio J member you receive:
    • 50% off retail price for custom prints
    • JPG files available free or for purchase
    • Free Memory Protectors®
    • Free shipping
    • Exclusive kits and patterns
    • Special deals and promotions
  14. What is the difference between a 3-month and a 12-month membership?
    Both 3-month and 12-month members enjoy the same benefits; however, the pricing structure for membership differs:
    • A 3-month membership is priced at $30 / $35 and automatically renews at $10 / $11.50 each month after the initial 3 months.
    • A 12-month membership is priced at $99 / $115 and automatically renews for a 12-month term at the end of each year.
  15. How do I manage renewal of my membership?
    Automatic renewal can be canceled upon request, but the initial membership fee cannot be canceled or refunded once the order has been submitted. Members may cancel auto renewal by going to the Billing tab in their online account and electing to cancel upcoming renewals.
  16. What do I do if I lost my email with the 16-digit membership code?
    Your Consultant can look up your purchase in Order History and print a receipt that will show your full order, including your 16-digit membership code.

  17. Payment Profiles

  18. Is my payment profile automatically updated with the same information I used to purchase my membership?
    No. In the process of redeeming your membership on Studio J, you will be required to enter a payment profile by going to My Account > Membership & Offers.
  19. Why am I required to enter a payment profile when I redeem my membership?
    Payment profiles are required so memberships can continue to renew without you having to manually re-enter payment information every time your membership expires. Cancel auto renewal by going to the Billing tab in your online account and electing to cancel upcoming renewals.

  20. 5 Packs

  21. What do I get when I purchase a 5-pack?
    A 5-pack includes 5 two-page layouts, 5 Memory Protectors®, and free shipping and handling. It’s the perfect way to try out Studio J for the first time, and it makes a great gift!
  22. How can I get a 5-pack?
    5-packs are available at Gatherings, via EZ Invite® online shopping, on MyCTMH® Tier II websites, or through the Idea Book. They are not available on To find out more about purchasing a 5-pack, call your Close To My Heart Consultant.
  23. How can I redeem my 5-pack?
    You will receive a 16-digit code in your order confirmation email. If your Consultant gave you a 5-pack card, the code in the email will be the same as the one printed on your card. After creating and approving your layouts, enter the code at checkout.
  24. How many times can one 5-pack be used?
    The 5-pack code may only be redeemed once and may not be split across multiple orders. If you orders fewer than 5 two-page layouts, remaining layouts are forfeited. If you order more than 5 two-page layouts, shipping and handling remains free of charge for up to 20 layouts; however, additional layouts over 5 are charged at the lowest price you are eligible for. Additional layouts over 20 are subject to shipping and handling fees.
  25. When do 5-packs expire?
    5-packs do not expire.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in a Studio J membership today! Enter the studio now to find out all the details.

The All New Studio J!! - Woo Hoo

Close To My Heart is now offering STUDIO J MEMBERSHIPS!

  • 50% off retail price on custom-printed layouts – that’s just $6.50 for 2 pages ($3.25 per page- and it includes your photos- no photo printing cost)!
  • FREE shipping and handling on your monthly order of 20 layouts or less!
  • FREE Page Protectors for your layouts!
  • FREE .jpg to use to mail to others, post on Facebook AND/or to print locally, too!
  • Exclusive kits and patterns available to Studio J Members ONLY!
  • Exclusive campaigns and deals throughout your membership.

Full Retail

You’ve taken the photos—now keep the memories. In five easy steps, create beautiful 12" × 12" two-page layouts showcasing your stories. When the custom prints arrive at your door, slip them into your cherished albums. No one will guess it only took a few minutes to design them!

Purchase Option Price
Per two-page, custom-printed layout $13.00 US / $15.00 CAN
Shipping per box of up to 20 layouts $5.95 US / $13.95 CAN


Save an amazing 50% off retail price by becoming a Studio J® member. Only members receive free JPG files of their layouts with each purchased custom-printed layout and also have the option to purchase JPG files separately. JPG files come in both high resolution and thumbnail sizes to print, share, or archive. Membership comes with other perks like exclusive patterns, kits, and free Memory Protectors®. On top of all that, members also get free shipping on their monthly order of 4 to 20 layouts in the continental US or 7 to 20 layouts in Canada and non-continental US shipping zones. For full details, see the FAQ.

Membership Option Price
12-Month membership $99.00 US / $115.00 CAN
3-Month membership $30.00 US / $35.00 CAN
Per two-page, custom-printed layout $6.50 US / $7.50 CAN
Per two-page JPG file $3.00 US / $3.50 CAN
Minimum layouts per order for free shipping 4 (continental US)
7 (non-continental US and Canada)


A 5-pack includes 5 two-page, custom-printed layouts, 5 Memory Protectors, and free shipping. Ideal for gift giving, or as an affordable way to try Studio J for the first time.

Purchase Option Price
5-Pack $55.00 US / $73.00 CAN


Close To My Heart products are shipped to the continental United States by Federal Express (FedEx), to the non-continental US by United States Postal Service Priority Mail, and to Canada by Landmark. Studio J layouts ship in a protected box that can hold from 1 to 20 two-page layouts plus Memory Protectors. Standard shipping and handling per box is priced as follows:

Destination Shipping Method Price
Continental US FedEx SmartPost (<> $ 5.95 US

FedEx Ground (<> $ 7.95 US

FedEx 2nd Day Air $11.95 US

FedEx Standard Overnight $18.95 US
Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam USPS Priority Mail $ 9.95 US per box
APO/FPO USPS Priority Mail $ 9.95 US per box
Canada Landmark $13.95 CAN per box

Package Tracking
FedEx or Landmark will notify you by email when an order is shipped so you may track the delivery of your order. Studio J orders shipped through USPS do not have tracking numbers.

Shipping Options
In the continental United States, Studio J customers have 4 shipping methods available through Federal Express (FedEx). These options are not available for destinations outside the continental United States. Upgrading your shipping method will not affect the in-house turnaround time of your order (typically 2 to 4 business days).

Please keep in mind that upgraded shipping methods are guaranteed by the carrier, and Close To My Heart is not responsible for shipping delays after the order has left the warehouse. The shipping options are:

  • FedEx Standard Overnight: After leaving Close To My Heart’s corporate office, this option guarantees next-business-day delivery Monday through Friday by 3:00 pm to most US addresses; by 4:30 pm to rural areas.
  • FedEx 2nd Day Air: This option guarantees orders will arrive to most areas 2 business days after leaving the corporate office, Monday through Friday by 7:00 pm.
  • FedEx Ground: After leaving the corporate office, orders using this option typically arrive within 1 to 5 business days, Tuesday through Saturday between 9 am and 8 pm.
  • FedEx SmartPost: After leaving the corporate office, orders using this option typically arrive within 2 to 8 business days. SmartPost orders are delivered via the FedEx network but will use the United States Postal Services (USPS) for final delivery.