Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pinewood Derby the Race - Bakugan Brawler #24

We arrived at the Pinewood Derby, just before 9 this morning. We left at around noon. We had a good time and learned some lessons for next year - watch out!!! Caleb came in 4th place out of about 10 cars. There was actually a race off for 3rd place. Oh, so close... oh well, next year!! Caleb did however win two trophies, he came in 1st place for Most Unusual and 2nd place for Most Humorous!!!
Caleb sitting and waiting patiently for the Tiger's to race.

Caleb's first race.

2nd place

3rd Race

1st Place

Race off!

Den 4 Tigers - Pinewood Derby 2009

There are 2 Tiger Dens.

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