Saturday, February 28, 2009

12 Layouts from the book Imagine (CTMH)

On Wednesday, I was on the Close To My Heart corporate bulletin boards. I saw a post, by L. Crawford, A Dozen Imagine Layouts with 1 Paper Pack. (one of Close To My Hearts layout books) So I decided to test it. It pretty much worked! There is a couple of layouts that only 2 small pieces of paper on them. But mostly I liked what I made. I was not overly fond of the Key to My Heart Paper Pack and I had 4, so I decided to use that paper pack. I love most of what I created! There was one layout that just didn't quite have enough, so I added more paper than what was called for. I hope enjoy!! So, here are the layouts. I of course still need to add pictures, stamps and some other embellishments, but I am so excited that I got all of this done.

Personality Presence

This was supposed to be Stars Above, but I added quite a bit more paper.

Supporting Casts

Creative Team
Role Play
Follow the Lead
Small Packages

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