Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clearly the Best - Close To My Heart

Why Close To My Heart Stamps are “Clearly the Best.”

Close to My Heart makes their stamps Clearly the Best in three areas, the process, the material and the design.

The process: Close to my Heart produces polymer stamps. The Close To My Heart team is expert in polymer. They know how to handle the materials through production: they carefully control the temperature, moisture, production speed, and the many other variables that affect quality. This process also allows CTMH to produce very finely detailed stamps, such as base and shade stamps, distressed designs and lace-style artwork. They can also produce very tiny of alphabet fonts.

The materials: Close to my Heart continues to refine the materials used in the top grade polymer for the My Acrylix stamps. The Close to My Heart team puts the polymer to rigorous testing, including aging and environmental tests. This will ensure that with proper care, close to My Heart stamps will last for years.

The design: There are hundreds of active stamp sets available for purchase at all times. They have over 4000 individual designs. The packaging for Close To My Heart Stamps is unique and convenient for storage, organization and retrieval. The carrier sheets have the stamps already cut and ready to use. You can open the stamp package, put your stamp on a My Acrylix block and you are ready to start stamping.

Step 1: Gently remove the stamp from the carrier sheet.

Step 2: Place you stamp on the appropriate sized My Acrylix Block.

Step 3: Ink your stamp with My Exclusive Inks – looking through the clear My Acrylix block and clear stamp, make sure you have even coverage of ink on the whole stamp. When you are using a Close To My Heart My Acrylix stamp and block, you should “season” your stamp. Do this by inking up your stamp and stamping on scrap paper two or three times.

Step 4: Place you image, where you want your stamp to appear and press down evenly. You will want to use the foam pad under your project to help the crispness and ink evenly distributed on your project.

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