Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caleb's 8th Birthday

In December my oldest turned 8! I can't believe it! It is crazy to think that 8 years ago we brought home this tee tiny little bundle. Little did we know back then, just how our lives would change. Oh - how I thought, I can't do this anymore, without sleep. Well, sleep did come wasn't for several years, but I do get a good nights sleep now. That is if I am not up late reading, scrapbooking, facebooking or blogging. Tonight it will be blogging. It has been so long since I blogged. I am adding several tonight.

Anyway, back to Caleb's birthday. Caleb checks out the same book at the library almost weekly - it is a magic trick book. We talked about it and decided to have a "Big Shebang" for Caleb's birthday. We had a magician. It was pretty amazing. The kids thought they could figure out some of his tricks, but he proved them wrong. I was actually able go figure out one of his tricks, but, only one. Tim was able to figure out a couple. I love Magic - it is so amazing! I am slowly working on the scrapbook layouts from the birthday - so tonight I will post the ones, I have completed!

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