Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Reading

Do you have a favorite book or series? I have been reading the Twilight series and I am almost done with book 4.

If you have any suggestions for summer reading, please let me know!!

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  1. Hi Elissa, we haven't actually "met" but I am also a CTMH consultant and a member of the "Scattered Hearts" team. I have been spending some time looking at the blogs of other team members, trying to get ideas, as I started in January and still feel pretty "green." Anyhow - saw your book post and couldn't resist responding ... lately I've been on to James Rollins' "Sigma Force" series. You can find it on Amazon, and I think the first one is "Sandstorm." Secret government agency, special ops agents who are also scientists. There is always an element of history and the supernatural involved, and they are action-packed and fun to read. Minor cautions for language etc. I *loved* the Twilight series, although I would have preferred a different direction for Book 4. But hey, I'm on Team Jacob! LOL Enjoy the summer!