Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michigan January 2007

Before the kids started school, we went to MI in January. It was the best. Tim and I got to go to the Detroit Auto Show. We went kidless! I love cars. I guess, it is a dream of mine to own several cars. I need to get my scrapbooking business into HIGH gear for that to work for me. We haven't been to the Detroit Auto Show since 2007. Maybe next year...I say that every year, but we have yet to set aside money just for that occasion.

Along with going to MI in January - usually means we get to ride the snowmobiles. Tim's parents back yard is large enough for the kids to get a thrill on the snowmobiles. Well, it was 3 years ago anyway. They might be ready for a bit more excitement! I don't know when we will make it to MI again for winter fun, but hopefully soon!

I actually made these layouts last January (2009) with my Cut Scrap & Paste ladies! We had so much fun, using the Aspen papers! I have to order more paper, since we had the December 2009 - 16 inches of snowfall and the February 2010 - 24+ inches of snowfall pictures. It is just amazing the amount of snowfall the greater DC area has had this winter. I think we have hit records in the amount of snowfall for one winter. They are predicting more snow on Wednesday. The kids have been out of school this year 6 days for snow - including tomorrow!

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