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Buzz and Bumble Scrapbook Workshop

Buzz and Bumble Scrapbooking Workshop

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Workshop Kit

Item # Product
G1054 Workshops on the Go® Buzz and Bumble Scrapbooking Kit (includes):
Buzz and Bumble Paper Packet ($9.95)
My Acrylix® Buzz and Bumble Scrapbooking Workshop ( $13.95)
Colonial White Cardstock (2 sheets) ($0.80)
Buzz and Bumble Assortment ($5.95)
Sparkles Brown & Tan Assortment ($2.95)
Instructional Guide ($1.00)
Retail Value:
You Pay:

Required Tools

Item # Product
E1019 My Acrylix® Bohemian Alphabet
Z2114 Cocoa Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z2167 Créme Brulee Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z2191 Sunset Exclusive Inks® Pad
3174 Blending Pen
Z578 Corner Rounder
Z697 Sponge
Z1151 3-D Foam Tape
Y1003 2" × 2" My Acrylix® Block
Y1010 2" × 6 1/2" My Acrylix® Block

Helpful Hints: Additional Scrapbooking Project
Reflections: Front & Center—Basic

  • Use diagrams on page 78 of Reflections™ 
  • Cut two houndstooth zip strips
  • Remove the guard from corner rounder and punch a scalloped edge along bottom of the two bee B&T papers, the journaling piece, the stripe B&T, and the right side of the 2" × 3" Colonial White stamp accent
  • Trim pennant edges on bottoms of the title strip and the 3" × 1 1/2" honeycomb accent
  • Stamp both the large and small flower images once each with Cocoa ink on the 1 3/4" × 2 3/4" Colonial White stamp accent and Sunset cardstock stamp accent
  • Stamp the “Seeds” image with Cocoa ink on the newspaper B&T stamp accent
  • Stamp the “Wonderful Beautiful Day” image with Cocoa ink on the Colonial White stamp accent; mask and stamp “Beautiful” with Sunset ink on 3/4" × 2 3/4" Colonial White stamp accent; trim Sunset “Beautiful” and attach over Cocoa “Beautiful,” using 3-D foam tape to pop up the sides, if desired
  • Stamp the border image with Cocoa ink on both honeycomb B&T papers
  • Stamp the border image with Sunset ink along center of the 1/2" × 12" Sunset cardstock accents
  • Randomly stamp the small flower image with Cocoa ink along the bottom 2 1/2" of left and right Cocoa base pages
  • Stamp desired title with Cocoa ink
  • Color all flowers, “Seeds” accent, and “Day” using the blending pen and Créme Brulee and Sunset inks; trim all flowers
  • Sponge edges of every piece of paper with Cocoa ink, if desired
  • Attach each Sunset strip to top of each Créme Brulee strip
  • Assemble layout according to pattern on page 78 in Reflections, using the first alternate for left page and the master pattern for the right page, as shown; use 3-D foam tape on photos, as desired
  • Attach cut-out flowers and accents, wood bees and flowers, wax seal, and Sparkles, using 3-D foam tape for some paper accents, as desired

Helpful Hints: Bonus Project

Neighbor Gifts

Additional Materials Needed

Item # Product
Z1833 My Creations™ Kraft Container (need 3)
$3.95 each
Z280 Natural Hemp
Helpful Hints
To create the featured bonus project, follow the helpful hints outlined below.

  • Trim pennant ends on the two thin Cocoa B&T strips
  • Trim points on the two Créme Brulee cardstock rectangles
  • Remove the guide from the corner rounder and create scalloped edges along the 3/4" × 12" Créme Brulee and Sunset cardstock strips
  • Stamp and cut out images on your choice of cardstock or B&T paper, as desired
  • Sponge all papers in Cocoa ink
  • Assemble and embellish three canisters, as desired

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