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Pemberley Scrapbooking Workshop

Step 1: Order products.

Workshop Kit

Item # Product
G1033 Workshops on the Go™ Pemberley Workshop Kit (includes):
Pemberley Paper Packet ($9.95)
My Acrylix® Pemberley Workshop ($13.95)
Colonial White Cardstock (2 sheets) ($0.98)
Bouquet Assortment ($5.95)
Bitty Opaques Pearl Adhesive Gems ($2.95)
Instructional Guide ($1.00)
Retail Value:
You Pay:

Required Tools

Item # Product
Z1686 Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection
Z2103 Bamboo Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z2162 Honey Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z2140 Outdoor Denim Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z697 Sponge
Z1151 3-D Foam Tape
Y1002 1" × 3 1/2" My Acrylix® Block
Y1003 2" × 2" My Acrylix® Block

Step 2: Review the tips and ideas for the workshop.

To create the workshop project as shown here, follow these helpful hints.
  • Create the layout prior to the workshop and determine how you’d like to teach the steps in a workshop setting.
    • When making Cricut® cuts, make sure your machine is set to “material saver” on the left function button panel.
    • Are your guests beginners? Do you want guests to cut all of their papers together, then move on to create all of their accents together, then do all of their preparation steps together, etc.?
    • Are your guests advanced? Do you want guests to work at their own pace, with you giving tips and tricks at the beginning of the workshop?

Step 3: Create the additional layout and bonus project.

To create the additional projects, follow the helpful hints as outlined. Simply by purchasing a few additional items, you and your guests can create all of the art pieces–both layouts and the bonus project!

Helpful Hints: Additional Scrapbooking Project

Magic: Transfigure™
  1. Use diagrams on page 112–113 of Magic™ and this cutting guide to cut papers.
  2. Stamp flower image with Honey ink using second generation on four Cricut® flowers and with Outdoor Denim ink on six Cricut® pennants.
  3. Stamp border image with Outdoor Denim ink along center of both B pieces and along top and bottom of G so it lines up with the stamped borders on B pieces.
  4. Stamp large flower with Outdoor Denim ink on C and on 2 1/4" × 3/4" accent piece; trim along petals.
  5. Sponge edges of all papers, Cricut® title, scallop borders, flower accents, and photos with Desert Sand ink.
  6. Assemble Cricut® envelope and slide 2 7/8" × 2 7/8" photo inside.
  7. Assemble layout according to pattern on page 113, attaching scallop borders and all cut-out flowers; use 3-D foam tape as desired to add dimension.
  8. Stamp “grateful for” near title space with Outdoor Denim ink and masking.
  9. Attach title and pennants.
  10. Add journaling to D.
  11. Attach embellishments.

Helpful Hints: Bonus Project

5 – Cricut® Cards

Card 1

  Card 2

  Card 3

  Card 4

  Card 5

Additional Materials Needed

Item # Product
X5913 Light Neutral Cardstock Shade Pack
Z1718 Color-Ready Garden Wooden Shapes
  1. Tip: As you cut the paper, sort the pieces as indicated in the cutting guide so that each card has its own stack. For example, if the cutting guide labels a piece “card 1,” place it in the stack for card 1.
  2. Use diagrams in this cutting guide to cut your papers.
  3. Cut a 5 1/2" piece of Outdoor Denim zip strip.
  4. Sponge all card bases, papers, and wooden shapes with Desert Sand ink.
  5. Stamp sentiments with Outdoor Denim ink.
  6. Stamp medium flower image twice with Outdoor Denim ink on 1" × 2" Colonial White cardstock for scallop border card; trim.
  7. Stamp leaf image with Outdoor Denim ink on bird wooden shape.
  8. Stamp large flower image with Outdoor Denim ink on butterfly wooden shape.
  9. Stamp large flower image with Honey ink on scallop borders for square heart card; attach to 2 1/2" × 2 1/2" Colonial White cardstock, starting at the bottom; trim ends.
  10. Stamp large flower image with Honey ink and second generation on two Cricut® flowers for rectangle plaque card.
  11. Assemble cards, as shown; use 3-D foam tape to add dimension.
  12. Attach embellishments.

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