Thursday, June 16, 2011

87 Reasons to LOVE Studio J

CTMH Digital Scrapbooking Program
(Compiled from Studio J BB on CTMH)
1. Free to try!!
2. Discount options
3. Easy to Use
4. Bonus paper kits
5. Bonus layout patterns
6. Change the color of papers!
7. Change the color of embellishments.
8. Don't loose the embellishments on the floor. (well, it happens!)
9. No photo developing.
10. No bulk
11. faster. simpler. easier.
12. it is an "and, also" not an "either, or" option
13. true layouts for your My Legacy Books
14. no mess
15. no set up
16. quick
17. remains online for 90 days
18. jpeg available
19. spell check!
20. ALL the "e"s you need for titles
21. I love that I can save on adhesive!
22. Can scrap in bed, at night, no bothers.
23. Don't have to "put everything away" in the middle of a project.
24. No worries about running out of your favorite paper.
25. All supplies are available at your fingertips, no searching!
26. I love that it forces me to journal right then and not wait (sometimes) months!
27. I love that the embellishments look so real and do not add weight to my albums.

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