Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have 6 of the Work in Progress Albums from Close To My Heart.  I love them.  So, I decided to get organized with albums.  Put them to good use.  I have one album for each of the kids, I have one, w/ completed layouts (family style), I have one for my Workshops for the current catalog, and the last one, which is the fullest, is completed layouts waiting for pictures.  Guess how many empty layouts I have?  Are you guessing????  I have close to 100 layouts missing pictures!  My goal before we move is to get the majority of those layouts filled with pictures.  It is totally CRAZY that I have that many unfinished.  Anyone else in the predicament?  The problem is, sitting down and ordering pictures.  Whew, that takes a long time.  Well, anyway, I am off to my scrap room.  I think I will make more layouts!  LOL  haha

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