Monday, January 26, 2009

Its Snowing!!!

Woohoo!! It is snowing and we have a chance that is will snow all day!!! We moved to the greater Washington DC area about 2 years ago. I remember always hearing on the evening news, Washington DC is covered in snow. I was so excited when we got our assignment here!! I thought it would snow all of the time. Well, when something like a snow storm hits the news, that means it is big news. It doesn't snow here all of the time. This is about the 5th snow in the 3 winters that we have been here. What a bummer. The kids don't have school today or tomorrow, so hopefully we get some good snow, so that we can go outside and play. Also, hopefully, they will be able to go to school on Wednesday!!! Heaven knows I need the kids in the house, for 3 days in a row!! YIKES!!

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